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Pinterest Dump…

3 Sep

It’s been a bit slow around these parts.  We’ve been traveling a bit and paused all projects.  We did change two light bulbs in the kitchen though. That should count for something.

We still need to touch up paint in the upstairs hallway.  At least I spackled it, two weeks ago.  The husband finally gave in and sanded it yesterday.  We’ll get it all done and get back in the DIY groove, probably after the holidays.

So instead of ignoring the blog until January, I figured I’d pop in here and there and post things that are interesting to me (and probably no one else but my Mom. –  HI MOM!)

So here’s a few things that have interested me on Pinterest lately.

Modern door number made out of paint stirrers.

Herringbone marble bathroom tile. *swoon*

Love the idea of plank walls in a bathroom.

Hidden cat liter box. Genius!

Pretty gray/brown/blue color palate.

I’d probably pick Bill Murray or RDJ and hang it in my living room. I’m weird.

Pretty necklace that’s sold out.

Kale Frittata. Yum.

Spaghetti Squash Alfredo. Double yum.

Slow Cooker Cherry Almond Steel-Cut Oatmeal. Drool.

Pinterest –  Always makes me want to either craft or eat baked goods.


That’s Pinteresting

24 Apr

See what I did there….

Pinterest is the root of half of the meals we eat and changes we make in our home.  It’s addicting. It makes you want to work out then eat “slutty brownies” (seriously – look it up. They’re SO good!).  It’s such a great platform to brainstorm – which in my case always leads to trouble.  The vacations I’m planning in my head because of Pinterest will be amazing!

I dabble in travel, food, and fashion on Pinterest – but I mainly like to search for home improvement ideas.  I love a good DIY board, so if I can do it myself – even better!

These are some of the ideas, found on Pinterest, floating around in my head to use in the blue house.

Board and batten up the stairway, painted a nice crisp white.

Built in’s in the living room for extra storage. Plus, getting that TV off a stand and on a wall!

Planks to cover up a popcorn ceiling.

It’s even great for outside ideas as well…

Raised garden beds along a side yard.

It’s not just for big projects though. I’ve found tons of small ideas that are lifechangers.

Rub a walnut on scratched wood to cover the damage!

Velcro on a kitchen towel so it doesn’t fall off.

Take Popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Keep them with you when you shop for linens, decorations, etc.

I feel like a walking Pinterest salesman, but it has really helped me find inspiration for our home.  Sometimes I know something isn’t right with a space, but I can’t figure out what to do with it.  Taking twenty minutes to surf Pinterest really helps bring out ideas.

Everybody Pinterest! (and make slutty brownies – they are so damn good!)