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26 Jul

Well, we are project-less once again.  The stairs have been deemed complete!

This was after I touched up a few things, right before we started to lay the rugs.

I bought a high quality 2×8 rug pad to use on the stair treads. I didn’t want to risk the carpet slipping and I wanted to protect the stairs I just spent weeks working on!

I did a rough cut of the rug pad and then we stapled them on with a pneumatic stapler that we hooked up to our air compressor.  Money well spent, using a regular staple gun would have probably  made us rip out hair out.

We measured to make sure there was enough room on either side so the rug pad wouldn’t show.  I cut them smaller than the rug as well just to be extra careful.

I couldn’t find a rug that was 2×16 (or more) that didn’t look like an old lady’s rug.  There was nothing I liked.  I must have searched every rug website around.  So we ended up buying two 2×8 rugs with a plan to hide the seam.  I ended up buying 3 2×8 rugs because I want to have one cut and re-bound to fit the landing.  It’s a good thing I bought a third because we ran into a snag.

The first rug went on easily.  We started under the top lip and pulled and stretched it as it was stapled.

The rugs are from Home Decorators.  I liked that they were a bit funky.  Kinda modern on a traditional staircase.  That’s my type of jam. Plus it was really hard to find a 2′ wide rug.  Most are 2’6″ and we have a slim staircase – that wouldn’t have worked.

The problem came in when we realized we didn’t have enough rug to do what we wanted. So we figured out a new plan, and started the second rug tucked under the bottom of the first step.

We shouldn’t have done that.

We ended up short and for some reason almost a 1/2″ difference in rug widths!

We had to rip off the rug and get the third rug we bought out to measure against the rug already stapled on the top. Thank God that one was the same width!

We started from where the first rug ended and just made it to staple the rug under the lip at the bottom.  We had to cheat a few times, keeping the rug a bit away from the corners to make it, but it really isn’t noticeable at all.

Where the rugs met on the middle of the stairs we trimmed off the top rug so it fit snugly against the beginning of the second rug.

I doused the cut edge with Fray Check.  It’s used mainly for fabric, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Maybe it will keep the edge from coming undone.

We actually used a putty knife to wedge the top rug into the bottom one.  We wanted to make sure it was really in there.

Here’s the seam.

It’s really not noticeable at all unless you are right on top of it.


Here’s a ton of photos…


I’m thinking of adding a few large frames up the stairway (possibly spray painting them gray) and maybe moving the light switch closer to the wall at the bottom of the stairs. It’s just there – in the middle of the wall – looking strange.

The bonus of all the stair reno is because of all the painting and caulking – the stairs don’t squeak anymore.  A nice little bonus!