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Never Ending Spring Cleaning

12 Jun

I don’t know how we accumulate so much stuff.  Calling it stuff is being nice too. It’s crap.  I try and keep it under control in our main living areas (Nothing makes me happier than throwing things away) but somehow it got out of control in the basement.

Since I’m new to this whole blogging thing, I forgot to take pictures.

Just imagine it looking like this…

Or this…

There was crap everywhere.

A giant pot to fry a turkey in? Got it. (Also inherited from the previous owners)

A large pane of glass? Got it.

A 13″ TV that only works with the closed captioning on? Got it.

Owners manuals to appliances we don’t even own anymore? Got those too!


After four hours we had three full garbage bags and a large pile of other unusable things.


The biggest difference was in the work bench.  I bought a ton of organization things for the peg board and went to work.

A close up:

The miter saw is there temporarily until I get a stand for it.  Same goes for the rubber container filled with glue and caulk. I need to buy a bin for it.

I bought an assortment pack of hooks from Lowes (this one) plus a few baskets (these here) and longer prong hooks to hold the tapes. (see here)  I also bought a pack of assorted hooks from Target  that I ended up liking better. I ended up using almost everything that was purchased.

Lets get closer…

I tried to keep some sort of order with sanding/gluing/spackling/nailing on the left side and mainly tools on the right.

I want to keep the top clear so we can do actual projects on it.

I sorted out screws and nail and put them in different ball jars, making it easy to see what they are and grab what you need quickly.  The other side will be clear once the stand for the miter saw is bought.

Underneath, I kept all paint supplies to the left.

Top shelf: spray paint, drop cloths, pink bin filled with paint samples and rollers, black bin filled with brushes.

Bottom shelf: paint cans from various rooms in the house labeled so we know what is what, paint sprayer with rolling trays on top.

To the right I kept the tools.

Not bad.

The little guy in the middle of the photo is our newest addition – a dehumidifier.

We got the LG 45 Pint Dehumidifier from Home Depot (See it here – also just saw it has terrible reviews – awesome!) The basement has always been sticky and damp, so this was something that we needed to get.  It’s been feeling nice and cool down there so I would say it’s working great.

The rest of the basement is getting there.  We cleaned and straightened up most of it. There are still piles of garbage down there that we have to sporadically put out for trash pickup. If we put it all out at once the garbage men will get mad. Apparently they are moody.

Cleaned up exercise area.

Since it’s clean, I’m now back to using the treadmill. I can wholeheartedly say that I did not miss it.

Also, ignore the paint. It’s half teal half pink down there. It’s like the 80’s in Miami. Plus it’s chipping EVERYWHERE so it’s like the run down 80’s in Miami down there.

The boards and box are garbage. Refrigerator is unplugged and we are undecided on keeping it. It’s old as dirt, but comes in handy sometimes.  Beside that is food and kitchen storage.

We completely cleaned under the stairs out. The pile in front is all trash.

It’s a lot better than it was. Over time we’ll fix the stairs, paint the walls, add more storage, but for right now I’m just glad all the garbage it getting thrown out!