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Landscape Novice

29 Apr

I have a hard time listing things I’m not good at. No, I’m not cocky – I’m just stubborn. A typical Taurus.  So it is with great pain that I have to say …. I am not good at landscaping.

BUT – the good news is I’m studying up and hoping to turn our drab backyard into something beautiful.  Since I refuse to hire someone to do anything around the house that I’m positive I can do myself I’ve put on my landscaper’s hat and did some digging.

There are a few problems with our backyard that we have to contend with.

First, it’s small. Not tiny, but not huge. We need to make sure the scale of things isn’t overwhelming.

Second, there’s no shade. None whatsoever.  The only shade we had at one point was from a neighbors tree, which promptly fell on our house 9 months after we moved in.

But the biggest problem we have is this…

An unsightly neighbors home and yard. It’s like a dump back there.  This photo is a few years old, but it’s the clearest one I have. The tree that used to be in their yard masked the view of everything. But once that puppy came down we couldn’t believe how awful it was back there.

Here’s a photo from last year, you can see their landscaping is growing, but not fast enough.

Plus they have an above ground pool. It’s no fun looking out your kitchen window and seeing what looks to be a person standing at the top of your fence.  We need a bit of privacy – STAT!

In comes my landscaping research.  Trees and shrubs? Flowering or not? What hardiness zone are we? How much effort do we want to have to put into it?

We are right on the cusp of 7a/7b when it comes to hardiness so that made it easy to narrow down.

We both like the idea of a tree, it’s a small space, but since we have NO TREES on our entire property, it would be nice to have one. And name it. Yes, I’ll probably name it.

So there we have it – we are buying a tree, but what kind?!?!

I narrowed it down to a few different choices…

A Weeping Cherry tree:

A Cherry tree:

A Crabapple tree:

A Callery Pear tree:

Or a Golden Chain tree:

So many choices!  I think it’s going to be the Cherry or the Redbud. I like the idea of seeing a pretty pink tree out of my kitchen window.  We’ve also been floating around the idea of putting a tree in the front yard as well.  That will either be a Callery Pear or the Golden Chain. Both beautiful.

We’ll center the tree and put aborvitae on either side. We are looking for things that grow nice and tall! (tall green shrub like trees in the back on the photo below)

A few colorful shrubs will round out the back fence.  Maybe some forsythia in the back corner for a pop of color.

So pretty!

I’m also going to throw in some limelight hydrangeas along the back of the house. I think they will do great there and hopefully in a few years look like this.


Back of the house for reference. Gets morning sun and afternoon shade so I think it will be perfect.

I haven’t even begun to think of the front of the house yet! I need something that will layer well with hydrangeas (which are in both flower beds) and can withstand full sun. I’ll have to start doing more research.


That’s Pinteresting

24 Apr

See what I did there….

Pinterest is the root of half of the meals we eat and changes we make in our home.  It’s addicting. It makes you want to work out then eat “slutty brownies” (seriously – look it up. They’re SO good!).  It’s such a great platform to brainstorm – which in my case always leads to trouble.  The vacations I’m planning in my head because of Pinterest will be amazing!

I dabble in travel, food, and fashion on Pinterest – but I mainly like to search for home improvement ideas.  I love a good DIY board, so if I can do it myself – even better!

These are some of the ideas, found on Pinterest, floating around in my head to use in the blue house.

Board and batten up the stairway, painted a nice crisp white.

Built in’s in the living room for extra storage. Plus, getting that TV off a stand and on a wall!

Planks to cover up a popcorn ceiling.

It’s even great for outside ideas as well…

Raised garden beds along a side yard.

It’s not just for big projects though. I’ve found tons of small ideas that are lifechangers.

Rub a walnut on scratched wood to cover the damage!

Velcro on a kitchen towel so it doesn’t fall off.

Take Popsicle sticks and paint them the color of every wall in your house. Keep them with you when you shop for linens, decorations, etc.

I feel like a walking Pinterest salesman, but it has really helped me find inspiration for our home.  Sometimes I know something isn’t right with a space, but I can’t figure out what to do with it.  Taking twenty minutes to surf Pinterest really helps bring out ideas.

Everybody Pinterest! (and make slutty brownies – they are so damn good!)

Sadie Girl

19 Apr

Ugh, this dog. She’s so damn cute. All the time.


Makes it hard to yell at her when she’s doing something awful.


But she runs this house. We don’t even pretend to hide that fact.


She makes life that much sweeter for us.



The Very First Post

18 Apr

We are finally entering the digital age.

I, the lady of the house – sometimes known as Khalessi, normally known as Tara, decided this would be the best way to document our early years of marriage and the ever constant changes in our home.

Hopefully this blog will make you laugh, smile, and roll your eyes at some of our crazy antics.

So welcome to the world of…

The Wicker’s


Their furry children


and their little blue house.